About us

Bekran Art Foundation started its start-up project with “Bekran” brand in the first half of 2018, as one of the companies active in the field of professional arts. Bekran is a term derived from the ancient Persian people and means new and innovative ideas. This start-up, for the first time in the world, offers new ideas for quick and easy communication between artists and art lovers. We provide a platform for artists to display their works in a few clicks to audience anywhere. The latter technology ensures that artists can protect the copyright of their works in a safe environment where they can also offer and sell them.
Bekran, with the benefits of a strong team of university alumni in the field of arts and technology, has the opportunity to create a new world for art. Bekran has started its activity with a five-year program; the first year's program is to hold festivals and art exhibitions in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. This can give an opportunity to preliminary study on the physical exhibitions which can help achieving virtual events! By completing every step, the further programs of this start-up will be notified via the website and social networks.
The headquarters of this start-up is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Also, offices in Tehran, Iran and London operate simultaneously in different sectors. You can see the social networking links, contact numbers, mailboxes, and emails of this art foundation through the contact section. We invite all artists, galleries, and art lovers around the world with open arms.

Contact us:

English : info@bekran.com

Russin: russia@bekran.com

Persian: persian@bekran.com

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